Inter Rock came in existence in 1999 as a specialised mining consulting company providing geotechnical engineering, geology and exploration, mine optimization, feasibility studies, mine engineering, mine optimization, mine evaluation and training services to the mining sector. Inter Rock has experienced tremendous successes and continues to deliver the highest quality of services to our clients. Inter Rock prides it selves in delivering our services on time and within budget. Inter rock measures our success in the long term relationships with our clients. Based in Seychelles with offices in South-Africa the global footprint includes operations in Philippines, Afghanistan, Botswana, Australia, Swaziland, India and the South-America’s.

Inter Rock is a company that provides exceptional and professional services to the mining sector by an experienced and well qualified team that performs their tasks with passion and endurance.
“The approach of Inter Rock is to assist, enhance and protect the mining companies’ business interest through sound and reliable technical support in the development of the mining operation. Support is given to mining companies in the management and development of effective and safe labour practises which will ultimately optimise the production and secure environmental safe mining practises.